PACT Bodycare was established to create a community of individuals who love their bodies and love themselves. Our company is based in Los Angeles, CA with love and intention at the core of all we do. Our team is dedicated to a 360 degree approach to self care where the mind, body, and soul are all fostered and cared for. Our products are formulated with some of the best ingredients nature has to offer, and we only use essential oils to fragrance our products. 

We understand self care is a lifelong practice that must be exercised daily; however the demands of busy lifestyles may only afford you limited time each day to practice self care. This is why at PACT we are committed to putting the time and attention into our production process which will allow you to experience genuine self care in a little as ten seconds. Close your eyes, spray one of our intention mists or simply massage a bit of one our soufflés into your temples and experience instant self care. We do the work so that your daily self love routine can be quick, convenient, and incredibly effective. May you forever fall in love with yourself more each day!